Make savings with efficient portfolio management.

The way businesses protect and manage their IP portfolios has transformed in the last ten years by the emergence of pan-European registration, increased use of the International registration systems, the importance of domain names and an internet presence for most companies. There is almost always a significant opportunity for businesses to cut costs by rationalising their portfolio. Most companies we see with a mature IP portfolio can cut costs by at least 20-30% without any impact on protection.
When registering IP rights outside of the UK we work with attorneys in the local jurisdiction and pride ourselves on delivering helpful advice and recommendations to clients rather than just passing on the problems the local attorney has raised. We also endeavour to use our knowledge of local agencies to secure not only the best local advice, but the most preferable rates. Because our business involves instructing agents for numerous clients, we are always looking to secure preferential rates which we pass onto our clients.
Success stories
Brand trade mark protection
Our team helped a small business information company reduce its IP costs by protecting its brand using the EU trade mark and the International trade mark system, enabling it to drop all its national registrations (80% reduction in costs going forward).
Packaging design protection
Our team reviewed a medium size portfolio for a new FMCG client and noticed that its design protection (for its innovative packaging) was minimal, especially when benchmarked against the competition. There was also no protection for a 3-dimensional trade mark which was a key part of the brand identity. Bolstering the protection was more than paid for by the cost savings we found in rationalising the portfolio.
Reducing renewals expenditure
Our team was commissioned by a large multinational brand owner to slash its renewals budget by 50% whilst at the same time keeping a good level of protection. This task was made much easier by the trend for brand owners to register much more broadly than necessary at the start of the brand lifecycle.
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