Product & Brand Launches

Balancing risk and costs for business protection.

Introducing a new product or extending a brand is often an area of significant IP risk for companies as the cost and PR implications of getting it wrong are substantial. We have many years’ experience guiding clients through the launch process. It is important to ensure that the scope of the project is correct and then to assess and quantify the risk sensibly.

We have honed our methodology over the years to reduce the time and costs of the clearance process and pride ourselves on finding innovative ways around the inevitable challenges trying hard to avoid just saying “no”!

Success stories

Component rights protection

Our team advised a large energy company who were re-sourcing components for their turbines. This involved our assessing the unregistered rights position in nearly 40 countries world-wide and advising on the risk profile of the associated project.

Balancing the risk and cost of protection

Our team helped a large multinational re-source a range of over 500 widgets which were the subject matter of unregistered design right and patents. The critical issue with large-scale clearance projects is to evaluate and gauge the risk and balance that risk against the likely clearance costs.

We developed a process whereby the inherent risk associated with each product was categorised ensuring that the level of checks conducted against each product was proportionate.

Brand name selection and protection

Our team assisted a client in the selection and protection of the name for a new entertainment concept to be used throughout Europe. This involved our advising as to inherent protectability of a shortlist of names and then clearance searching them to assess which names were most likely to reach registration without challenge. We also retrieved the related domain names from third parties.