Experts in understanding the potential of your IP rights


We identify when valuable IP is created (e.g. copyright works, logos, know how) and ensure it is owned by the correct entity – this is one of the most common areas where issues arise.


We ensure that appropriate action is taken to protect and secure valuable IP rights (e.g. by filing trade mark applications, use of proprietary notices and implementation of security measures). Our team is experienced at both negotiating the UK and European Community trade mark application and prosecution procedures, and managing our international network of agents for overseas applications. Further, we are experienced in advising on contractual protection of such assets, such as confidentiality agreements and co-existence/delimitation agreements.


IP can play a vital part in the development of a business and it is therefore important to ensure you have an IP strategy and that is aligned with the main business plan. This may sound obvious but more often than not IP strategies, if they exist as such at all, are largely born through reaction rather than being designed proactively.

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Realising Potential

We help clients to make money from their IP by the licensing, sale, borrowing against and enforcement of their IP. Our lawyers are experienced in the preparation and negotiation of commercial agreements including licensing and franchising agreements, asset purchase/sale agreements, distribution agreements, manufacturing and supply agreements and confidentiality agreements.


We advise on action needed to protect your IP rights and defend your position against third parties.


We help to develop business processes and structures to ensure your IP assets are properly managed so that they can be deployed in the most effective and efficient manner.